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Communications and Security 


Latest Equipment   •   Training   •   Maintenance   •   Spare Parts

With more than 25 years experience in secured communications, AMERITEL provides solutions for your mission success. 

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AMERITEL provides you with far more than state-of-the-art equipment—we also implement the installations and vital training required to maximize your investment!  We help you to maintain connectivity with the most up-to-date, integrated, tactical communications system.

Sight. Sound. Surveillance.

Night Vision

Thermal and Professional

Optical-Electronic Systems


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Tactical Radios

A range of VHF, UHF and HF military equipment

Drones, Jammers, Radars

VTOL, Interior and Petrol-Electric Hybrid System drones for day and night surveillance; Jamming equipment

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Commercial Products

Radio Communications
Our commercial line of Digital Mobile and Vehicular
Radio systems, equipped with the latest hardware
and applications, are among the first choices in all communication needs:
•  Law enforcement and certain military requirements
•  Presidential security
•  Mining sites
•  Customs
•  Public safety and crowd control
Access Control

Smart reader technology with contactless cards

and biometric fingerprint access to monitor and control doors, gates and turnstiles.

VTOL Drone
Our industrial grade Vertical Takeoff and Landing drones are perfect for surveillance, search and rescue missions, agricultural and scientific purposes. 
This hybrid drone does not require any runway, take-off and airspace and operates smoothly over long distances in building-intensive areas and complex terrains such as mountains, hills and forests.  
Petrol-Electric Hybrid
System Drone

Up to 4 kg cargo carrying 

Day and night surveillance

Cargo carrying and release

Optimum sensors for search and rescue

2-stroke gasoline engine

continuously charges the battery

4G LTE cellular network technology with

2-hour endurance for range up to 72 km

 Interior Drone
  • All lighting flight conditions (night, low light, daylight)
  • Constant altitude for climbing stairs
  • Manual and semi-automatic mode for passing doors
  • Stabilized collision avoidance mode in corridor
  • Camera mode: no dead zone with stabilized pan tilt front sensors
Mobile Direction Finder System
Communication Intelligence
Communication Security


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For all inquiries, please call

+1 (514) 718-3612 or +1 (404) 382-0740

or click HERE to submit an email.

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