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Customer Service


We have earned this consistent, valuable feedback from our satisfied clients by ensuring our customized solutions meet their needs, or surpass their expectations. 

Our diverse clients range from Presidential Security, multiple Mining sites, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Customs and Telephone companies to Military units with surveillance and other specialized requirements.
Our products are made by highly respected, brand-name manufacturers.  They are reliable, rugged and resistant to extreme weather conditions such as thick dust, heavy rains, sandstorms and high temperatures.  This includes our highly sensitive jammers, radios and radars.
Reasons to Choose Ameritel
  • Competitive pricing guaranteed

  • Customization for YOUR needs

  • Official Manufacturer Distributor

  • Timely delivery and installations

  • Expert training package provided

  • Excellent reputation in the market

  • Manufacturer's Warranty and technical
    support honored by AMERITEL

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